New Coronavirus (SARS Cov 2) is costing thousands of lives in almost all countries. Scientists are rushing to develop a vaccine and a specific antiviral drug against SARS CoV 2.

Till now there are Currently, 92 vaccines, 45 antibodies, 20 antivirals, 12 cell-based therapies, 5 RNA-based treatments, and 52 other solutions are being explored to fight with the New Coronavirus SARS CoV 2

Track the development of all these treatments and vaccines at the end of this article but before you go to the tracking page, please go through this page for necessary information.

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What are the processes involved while developing a vaccine or a treatment for a new virus?

To develop a vaccine we have to take a part of an antigen or immunogen or the complete antigen in an inactive or attenuated form.

To develop these substances and before using it as a vaccine we have to conduct various researches that need a lot of resources. After developing these types of substances we again need to go through various pre-clinical( test on the animals) and clinical tests( test on the human being) to prove its safety and efficacy. Know more about vaccine development please visit this article by CDC, Vaccine Testing and the Approval Process.

To develop a specific antiviral drug or treatment also involves the same process which needs years, but in this pandemic situation we can’t wait for years, we need an immediate solution.

Thanks to our technologies and scientists because now they are working on the new type of vaccines called nucleic acid-based vaccine(Naked DNA vaccine) and mRNA vaccine. These types of vaccines can be made from genetic coding of a specific virus. This is less time consuming but the safety and efficacy of these vaccines are still unknown. To know more about these vaccines visit this article.

To get an early result the scientists are also testing existing drugs for the treatment of new coronavirus. This process is also less time consuming because the safety of these drugs is already known. Some of the drugs are Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir.

Some Indian scientists in the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) also testing a multi-purpose vaccine that has proved effective against leprosy and boosts immunity in hosts to see if it can help to tackle the new coronavirus. To know more about this research visit this post.

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Current Situation in Development of Treatment and Vaccine of Coronavirus

As we know there are many universities and pharma companies doing research to develop the Treatment and Vaccine of Coronavirus. Many research is in the second stage of the clinical trial.

Scientists are expecting that we will get a vaccine or specific treatment at the end of 2020.

Track the development of treatment and Vaccine of Coronavirus Here. COVID 19 Tracker


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