Ranitidine banned in many countries because of its carcinogenic effects. FDA and EMA found “NDMA” trace in some drugs containing ranitidine. NDMA is a carcinogen that has the capability to cause cancer.

Do not worry it’s not completely true, it’s not completely true. Actually, it’s beyond your imagination, Read the full article to know the truth.

What is Ranitidine

It is a H2 blocker(Histamine H2-receptor antagonists). H2 blockers are the group of medication which helps in reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach.

The stomach normally produces acid which helps in digestion and protection; Digestion in the sense(digestion of food) and protection in the sense(Killing the microorganisms which are present in the food). Stomach acid is very strong which can damage our own body tissue, but nothing to worry because the stomach has a protective mucous membrane that protects stomach cells from damage. There may be two types of condition 1. Damaged the protective mucous membrane of the stomach due to underlying disease conditions. 2. The stomach secretes excess acid that can flow back to the esophagus. In both cases, we need H2 blockers to lower the acid secretion. It is mostly used in Gastritis, Acidity and in Gastric re-flux Disease. Ranitidine is a very cheap(In terms of money) and a commonly prescribed drug.

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Ranitidine causes Cancer

On 13 September 2019 FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and EMA(European Medicine Agency) banned some companies who manufacture RANITIDINE because they found NDMA(N- Nitrosodimethylamine) in medicine containing key component ranitidine.

Ranitidine banned

What is NDMA

NDMA(N- nNitrosodimethylamine) also known as dimethylnitrosamine(DMN) is highly toxic to the body and a carcinogen, if it is ingested to the human body it can be the cause of the various types of cancer. Before you conclude anything let me know you that NDMA also presents at very low levels in certain foods like various types of meat, dairy products, smoked foods and in some types of vegetables. That’s why to ensure a very low level of NDMA in medications there is a standard set by Drug regulatory authorities of all countries. The problem with ranitidine raw material is there is a different level of NDMA related to the date of manufacturing and exposed temperature after manufacturing because it reacts to the change of environment like storage temperature.

Why Ranitidine banned

FDA and EMA don’t say that all ranitidine manufacturing companies have NDMA in their drug-containing key composition ranitidine but it’s difficult to assume that which company producing the safe drug. It is difficult to test quality as I said before It reacts to environment changes so, Ranitidine drug may show different NDMA levels at a different time.

Which countries banned

Bangladesh banned ranitidine

Bangladesh temporarily banned the import, production, and sale after FDA and EMA statements on the carcinogenic effects of ranitidine. This ban may persist until the investigations and safety check ends.

Ranitidine banned in Canada and France

Patient safety is compromised after FDA and EMA found NDMA trace. Canada and France totally banned ranitidine from there pharmacy.

Ranitidine banned in India

In India there is GSK(GlaxoSmithKline), Zydus Cadila, Dr. Reddy, JB Chemicals, Cadila Pharma, Sun Pharma sells over 180 brands and the estimated market value is over 700 crores(7 billion). This data clearly defines the uses and distribution of ranitidine in India.

It is not banned in India but the Drug Controller General of India has strictly allotted to the state drug regulatory authority to verify every companies product and ensure patient safety. Some companies in India recalling their products for safety reasons.

Recall of drugs containing ranitidine worldwide by there parent manufacturing companies

After the statements of FDA and EMA on ranitidine companies like Sandoz, Apotex, and GSK(Maker of Zantac tablets) recalling their drug from markets of many countries like India, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Canada, France, US, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, North Macedonia, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.

What measures we have to take in response to NDMA

The fact is there is no immediate risk from NDMA so if you are taking ranitidine daily then no need to panic. I am not telling that NDMA is good it surely a carcinogen. We know that there are side effects of every allopathy drug and some drugs also have immediate and life-threatening side effects in comparison to those drugs, it didn’t have any proven side effects till now. That’s why I am saying this news is over-highlighted, we need to understand the highlighted issue properly that they are not saying ranitidine causes cancer they are actually saying that it may cause cancer.

If you are on ranitidine then consult your doctor and change to other H2 blockers like Nizatidine, Famotidine, and Cimetidine. The better option is shift to home remedies because it has no side effects and it can cure your disease completely. To know more about the best remedies for Acidity, Gastritis, Heartburn, and GERD(Acid Reflux Disease) click here.

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