In recent years, mobile phones play a vital role in daily life. There are many health issues reported due to mobile use. But in this article, we will be focusing on the actual risk of cell phone radiation with proof. We will also discuss some research studies on cell phone radiation and its truth.

The cell phones can be the potential risk factor for many diseases, for these below 4 main reasons…

  1. Cell phones emit Radio frequency radiation(Radio waves which is a type of Electromagnetic waves)
  2. Number of cell phone increasing day by day.
  3.  Cell phone technologies becomes more advanced.
  4. Amount of time we are spending on the cell phone is increasing day by day.

Know the Cell phone Radiation

A cell/Mobile phone emits Radio frequency radiation, it is a form of Electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is of two types 

1. Ionizing Radiation 2. Non-Ionizing radiation

Ionizing radiation includes(X rays, Gamma Rays), which is very harmful to the Human body. Non-ionizing radiation includes(Radio frequency waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible light and other very low-frequency waves), which are used in mobile phone for telecommunication.

For best understanding about Electromagnetic radiation and its spectrum follow the image at the end of this article.


Health effects of Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiations like X ray and gamma rays have very high intensity and very short wavelength(Wave length is shorter than a atom) which can penetrate deep tissues. 

Ionizing radiations can break our DNA pattern which makes the cell vulnerable to grow abnormally, That leads to abnormal mutation which is the leading factor of cancer.

Health effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation/ Cell phone Radiation

Non-ionizing radiation (Which is used in cell phones) have low intensity and big wave length which is less harmful than Ionizing radiation, but its not true.  Cell phone radiation also can cause many serious health effects.

Effects of cell phone radiation on human body

Non-ionizing radiation which is used in microwave oven can produce enough heat that we can cook food. Mobile phone radiation also works in same way, they can cause localize heating and photo-chemical reaction which can cause permanent tissue damage.

Effects of cell phone radiation on brain

Researchers said that mobile phone radiation can affects impulse transmission between neurons on the brain which can causes cognitive dysfunctions.

Cell phone radiation can have the capacity to change the permeability of Blood-Brain barrier and electroencephalographic activity.

Non-ionizing radiation interferes in endocrine hormone secretion by affecting Pitutary gland (Master gland) and some other endocrine glands which causes Hormonal disturbances.

Effect of cell phone radiation on Heart

Cell phone radiation can interfere in impulse generation of Artificial pacemaker and implantable cardiac defibrillator which increase risk of death in heart patients.

Researchers have a hypothesis that electromagnetic waves of cell phone can interfere with the work of our natural pacemaker (SA Node) and may disturb the conduction system of Heart.

Effects of cell phone radiation on pregnancy/pregnant woman

There are no such research on human being but there were a research on a group of pregnant mouse. The research shows that the group of mice who exposed to cell phone radiation for two weeks have gave birth to mice, those having some behavioral symptoms. Those behavioral symptoms are similar to ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) in humans.

Researchers says there are surely some effects of cell phone radiation on fetus but due to lack of evidence it just become a hypothesis.

Effects of Cell phone radiation on sperm of male / male infertility due to cell phone radiation

There are some research on the male infertility and cell phone radiation which shows that there are 3 main reasons that cell phone radiation can cause male infertility.
1. Cell phone emits RF-EMV (Radio frequency electromagnetic waves)
2. Cell phone radiation may cause oxidative stress (Sperm is sensitive to oxidative stress)
3. Thermal effects (Sperm is very sensitive to temperature)

This is still in a conflict stage but some research clearly shows that long term exposure to cell phone radiation can affect sperm count, sperm motility, sperm production and can also cause structural abnormality of testis and sperm.

There is many more health effects that can cause by long term exposure to non-ionizing radiation that can not be predicted because there is very lack of research study on non-ionizing radiation and cell phone radiation.

Studies Related to Mobile phone Radiation and Risk of Cancer

  1. THE INTERPHONE STUDY is a case-control study was conducted by IARC(International Agency for Research on Cancer) in 13 countries on Association between 4 types of Brain tumors and Radio frequency energy emitted by mobile phones, the study completed on Feb 2012. it shows that there is no significant association between brain and spinal cord tumors and mobile phone radiation.
  2. DANISH STUDY is a cohort study conducted in Denmark on 358,000 mobile subscribers for 20 years, the study shows that there is no association seen between mobile phone use and CNS tumors.
  3. A cross-sectional study on Norway and Sweden on 17,000 people shows that 31% of the mobile user of Norway and 13% of mobile users of Sweden had experienced at least one symptom that include the sensation of warmth on the ear and behind/around the ear, burning sensation in the facial skin. it may be the warning sign but it is not a serious health effect.
  4. There is a limited epidemiological study on this topic, However, maximum studies didn’t find any association between these factors.
  5. IARC(International Agency for Research on Cancer) clearly mention that mobile phone radiation can have some carcinogenicity, So we need further study to prove it.
 There is very less study related to cell phone radiation and RF-EMV (Radio frequency electromagnetic waves) because we have to involves many factors. 
Those are…


 1. The number of cell phones increasing day by day so the exposure also increasing.

 2. Cell phone technologies are changing continuously, if there is a research on 3G cell phone user the result and health effects will vary from a 4G and 5G user.

 3. The amount of time every one spending on Cell phone is vary from person to person and day to day.

 4. The mobile operating system and company is also different which can be a greater factor because different mobile phone have different radiation level.

 5. The geographical  area in which a person using cell phone and the distance from cell phone tower is also a great factor because these can also affect cell phone radiation emission level.

By including above factors its very difficult to do a research study on cell phone radiation effects on human being, but we have to keep in our mind that radiation have surely bad effects on human body.

Other Health Risk associated with mobile phone use

There are tons of health problem mobile phone can gift you. some are listed below.

  1. Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome

It is characterized by felling of vibration in pocket sometimes or very often but after investigating it you realize that it was a phantom vibration (False alarm).

 According to Dr. Michelle Drouin (a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana)  conducted a study on UG students, according to study approximately 90% of students experiencing Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome one times on average in two weeks.
      2. Blurred vision
       3. Sleep disturbances
       4. i Postuer 

Slumping Shoulders, a slouching middle and a lower back that’s constantly compressed from sitting, called iPousture. Being hunched over Smart phones and tablets for a long period of time everyday is causing pain in back and shoulders in young adults.    
       5. Neoplasia and other age related changes

What Is SAR Value of Cell/Mobile Phones

When we use mobile phones Our body absorbs some amount of radiation emitted by that device, we can measure that absorption rate by SAR Value(Specific absorption rate). It is defined as the radiation absorbed per mass of tissue and has a unit of watt per Kg.

The Federal Communications Commission sets a standard for the mobile phone Manufacturer, that SAR Level should be below 1.6 W/Kg. 

Do you want to know your phone is a safe phone or not? Check your phone SAR Value Here.

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Is SAR Value is enough to judge a cell phone / SAR value below safety level means the phone is safe?

SAR value is just a very small parameters to measure cell phone radiation, We can not say that if SAR value is below safety level then the phone is safe.

Cell phones emits different radiation in different situation, SAR value is just a measure in normal mode how much radiation our body can absorb. It actually does not deal with Cell phone radiation.

For more understanding see below words, These words are collected from FCC website.

cell phones constantly vary their power to operate at the minimum power necessary for communications; operation at maximum power occurs infrequently. Consequently, cell phones cannot be reliably compared to their overall exposure characteristics on the basis of a single SAR value”.


Interesting facts about Mobile/Cell Phone

  1. In Oct 2014 The MOBILE MARKETING ASSOCIATION OF ASIA Stated That, There are 6 billion people in world 4.8 billion have a mobile phone while only 4.2 billion have Tooth Brush.
  2. Ever wondered about the first mobile in market, in 1983 the first mobile was sale in U.S market and the price was 4000 dollar (2 lakhs  87 thousand in Indian money).
  3. Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone. It is a common disorder of 21st century.
  4. According to a survey, more people died in 2015 when taking a selfie than by shark attack.
  5. Your mobile phone has more bacteria than your toilet sheet.

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